With the rise in popularity of digital marketing among all the large, medium and small sized businesses, branding and creating an online presence is a must. All the businesses are increasing their focus upon online promotions of products and services through various social media platforms especially facebook and youtube and it is important to keep a check on present digital marketing trends.

With the increase in online presence and active participation of all the businesses, staying ahead of your competitors is very important. As I have been working on it for a while, so without much ado I would like to share the digital marketing trends with all of you.

digital marketing trend

#1.Social media marketing:

The power of social presence and its benefits are not hidden to anyone. The various groups on Facebook or a business page on Instagram have already been a great source of increasing conversion rates for many companies. Not only this, it is one of the major platforms to brand your companies and build a reputation online.

In fact, it is one of the major marketing trends among the other digital marketing trends in the year 2017. Due to the direct interaction with the audience or you can say, prospective client, the reputation of the company reaches its niche. This also helps build a trust between the company and the consumer. Social media is and will be working as new conversion channels and also contains supporting tools to convert prospective audience directly into buyers.

#2.Marketing through video Ads:

Video ads and campaigns are the present craze in marketing genre. Facebook, which was earlier famous for its image uploads is now covered with a whole lot of video ads. Most important thing is huge involvement of the audience. They not only like watching it but also share it with people around them which increase the reach and hence, the possibility of improvement in conversion rates.

The news update of Google entering the fray with in-SERP video advertising will change the whole idea of online advertisement. This also suggests the increasing acceptance of video ads among users. With videos trending, we may expect it to be the best digital marketing trends online which may lead to different types of video ads popping up on our screens very soon.

#3.Unique content: CONTENT IS THE KING

Content being the king of online marketing is an essential part of any campaign. Be it social media, blogging, website content management or your online forums, Content is the only key to improve your presence online and stand your competitors.

If you are a creative writer or a creative video producer, you will be the superstar!!

digital marketing trend

With all the competition increasing every next second, content will only be responsible for standing out of the box. If you are good at writing and also have knowledge in the subject matter, you will be on demand. Readers expect a great quality content which is also interactive and understandable. If you can create something that can engage your audience, you will gain the trust of your readers.

That is always going to increase your value online and improve conversion rates for sure.

#4. Growth Hacking is the future:

Growth Hacking is the concept of focusing entirely on the growth of a start-up company. If you happen to run a start-up, or a small scale business, growth hacking would benefit you the most in the long run. Startup companies need a marketing that could brand them as soon as possible. Building your company around growth hacking concept would help your business scale faster.

Traditional marketing is very expensive and difficult for a start-up company to invest that amount so abruptly. Also, it doesn’t help your business scale so fast. Growth hacking involves too many technical aspects for that to happen.

Over the past few years, growth hackers have managed to build profitable companies using best-practices like email marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing etc.

#5. Marketing Funnel :

marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is moving users through a process to get them to buy from you. It is basically for the e-commerce companies out there. They start out with little or no knowledge about your product and end up buying it. All in all, it is a process of converting visitors into customers.

It basically depends on your capability of creating an excellent CTA (Call to action).The entire system of the online funnel is automated. Here, you need to provide a lead magnet and then, with the help of emails, you can convert them into a prospective buyer.

You can easily start working on your online marketing funnel directly from ClickFunnels. It provides you with all kind of services including email marketing service, hosting, landing page creator, etc.

Although it’s a paid tool, great for entrepreneurs to grow their business effectively.

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